Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Planner Gifts and Hand Made Zipper Pouch

With all this planner craze I've been into lately, my almost 10 year old niece has began getting interested in my planner. She told me she wanted a planner and things to go with it for her upcoming birthday. So of course I was like "heck yes, I will get you a planner"!

I found this one at Barnes and Noble for around $10. It's small and super cute!!  I've been making little zipper pouches with the dies from Papertrey Ink, so I made her one to match her planner. I am also gathering up other supplies for her like Washi tape, colored pens, and stickers. I sure hope she loves her gift. I've had a great time gathering everything for her :)

Here's a pic of the planner and zipper pouch: